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Entspannen, Relaxen, autogenes Training
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How Bach Flower Remedies work

Orthodox medicine focuses mainly on treating symptoms of illness and disease, rather than the root causes of these conditions. Ignoring the root causes, however, likely leads to only temporary relief of symptoms and may not contribute to sustainable healing. Dr. Bach believed that illness is a result of emotional imbalance and not being in harmony with our minds. This is where the Bach Flower Remedies come into play – they treat the underlying emotional causes of illness and disease.



Bach Flower Remedies focus on an individual’s personality and emotions and not on physical symptoms.

For example, a certain amount of fear is human nature. It helps us to identify potentially dangerous situations and to deal with them. Too much or long-lasting fear, however, can lead to emotional imbalance. Every human emotion can cause a negative outcome if too dominant and might block personal development. Long-lasting emotional imbalance can lead to chronic stress, which can negatively impact the immune system and become a breeding ground for disease.


A person’s feelings and emotions in a certain situation are important in determining the appropriate remedies to use.


The appropriate remedies can help a person get back to balance. Bach Flower Remedies help promote an understanding of the root causes of emotional imbalance and a person’s ability to self-heal.


In Dr. Bach’s healing approach, the disease can only disappear if the true cause of the disease has been found and removed. He also believed that if physical symptoms disappear with orthodox treatments, a person could be distracted from the original cause of the disease and therefore from sustainable healing. As Dr. Bach wrote in his ‘Essential Writings': “Disease is, in essence, the result of a conflict between soul and mind and will never be eradicated except by spiritual and mental effort.”


A client can notice positive emotional changes quickly, but sometimes it takes a little longer until positive changes become obvious. Please be aware, that emotional states or blocks, which have been built up over a long time, might need longer to restore balance.


My role as a certified Bach Flower Practitioner is to help my clients to identify a potential emotional imbalance and its root causes by gaining insight into a client’s situation and helping the client look at it from a different angle. I will help to develop an understanding that the power of change lies in the client's hands.


Peace of mind leads to lasting health.




Treatment with Bach Flower Remedies is not intended to replace professional medical care.



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