Entspannen, Relaxen, autogenes Training
Entspannen, Relaxen, autogenes Training
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Foundational Classes for Adults and Teens:

Autogenic Training consists of mastering 7 specific mental exercises resulting in:

  • calmness

  • heaviness in the limbs

  • warmth in the limbs

  • a controlled and regular heartbeat

  • controlled breathing

  • abdominal warmth

  • coolness in the forehead

By repeating specific commands in your mind (like a mantra in meditation), you will be able to bring your body into a deep state of relaxation. You will use the power of imagination to achieve desired physical results.


For example, one command will ask you to imagine warmth in your limbs and body. Your body will follow the image you create in your mind resulting in real physical changes. Your body temperature will increase and your blood vessels will expand, increasing circulation throughout your body.

This is one of seven exercises designed to reduce high blood pressure and alleviate other symptoms.


When you are in this state of deep relaxation you are able to influence your body and mind directly! By regularly practicing Autogenic Training you are able to increase the balance between tension (sympathetic function) and relaxation (parasympathetic function), which should improve your immune system and have a demonstrable impact on your overall health and the body’s natural ability to self-heal!


Foundational Classes for Kids, Ages 8 and up:

Children increasingly suffer from stress and anxiety which can result in low self-esteem, trouble concentrating and physical symptoms, such as stomach aches and headache.


Because children are generally more imaginative and creative than adults, children’s classes combine a mixture of different relaxation methods.

Children generally learn Autogenic Training by creating vivid mental images, using musical instruments, and practicing yoga and muscle relaxation exercises.

They also learn calming rituals and experience the power of silence . . . .

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